• Pumps & PTO's

    Pumps & PTO's

    Interpump Hydraulics is the world leader in production of power take off's and pumps, boasting historical brands Hydrocar, PZB, Muncie and Takarada. Ever since, Interpump Hydraulics has responded to market requirements by means of consistent products and production technologies with constant innovation becoming the point of reference for the main worldwide automotive OEM's.
  • Valves


    Directional control valves represent the nerve center component in automotive and industrial machineries. They are the main interface between operator commands and machinery operational movements. Directional control valves made at Interpump Hydraulics comply with Constructive Qualitative standards of excellence. Product development and innovation are guaranteed by a synergic cooperation with customers.
  • Cylinders

    Cylinders for automotive

    Top quality and reliability are features of the whole range of Interpump Hydraulics cylinders, from the single acting telescopic cylinders to all double acting telescopic cylinders; these products are specifically designed and manufactured from high quality materials in every step of the production process. In such a way their technical features and the strict manifacturing process guarantee that they are able to operate in all heavy-duty conditions.
  • Customised cylinders

    Customised cylinders

    Thanks to diversification of the product range, flexibility and experience gained along the years, Interpump Hydraulics is nowadays a top level point of reference in Custom made Cylinders. Continuous research and technical updating set Interpump Hydraulics among the top level reference suppliers in several hydraulics market segments.
  • Hoses & fittings

    Hoses & fittings

    Interpump Hydraulics has built more then 25 years experience, with large experience on project, manufacture and distribution of hydraulic hoses and fittings, becoming a worldwide recognized name for connection systems proposals in the market. Range of Interpump Hydraulics components now includes hydraulic hoses and tubes, fittings and adapters, assembling and testing machines. Interpump Hydraulics provide a consistent performing product still manufactured in Italy.
  • Components & hydraulic systems

    Components & hydraulic systems

    Interpump Hydraulics reinforced even more their presence on the market by offering components such as hydraulic power packs, electro pumps, flow dividers, orbital motors, hand pumps, standard double acting cylinders and cylinder components. Interpump Hydraulics design and manufacture also complete hydraulics systems for handling and automation of both automotive and industrial markets. These products are strictly synergic to all other products offered by other members of the Group, providing technological advanced reliable solutions.
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